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Deposit $500
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Qlichēe specializes in custom units (form fitted gowns, prom dresses, special occasion dresses, nightwear, etc). Qlichēe does not keep anything on hand or in stock, everything is custom made to order with the highest quality fabrics.

Qlichēe was established in Dallas, TX by our lead Designer Stephanie Freeman.  Qlichēe does NOT ship orders.  Clients outside of D/FW area have the option of traveling to meet our staff in Dallas, TX. Clients that chose this option will get measurements taken and the garment will made on the spot by our staff. Our other option is to meet the lead Designer during tour dates by setting an appointment. She travels all over the US and makes custom made to order units during the tour.

Qlichēe Tour Dates for 2019 are post on the Tour Date tab. 


The process for the Tours are as follows:

  • The designer will take your measurements (so there's no need to get measurements elsewhere).
  • The unit will be created within a 4 hour window depending on the design.
  • You will pay the remaining balance and leave with your garment the day of your appointment.

All gowns, prom dresses, special occasion garments require a non-refundable deposit of $300 (this is not the full cost of the gown). The deposit only secures your spot, covers your Virtual consultation (1 hour) to discuss all details of the design of your choice. After Virtual consultation the design and color will be set in place. Should you choose to change your design make changes there will be a fee added to your total dress cost. If the changes require us to purchase more fabric the consumer will assume responsibility for any and all additional fabric cost. Qlichēe provides all fabric so you do not have to purchase fabric on your own. All sales are final, no refunds only alterations (after signing your garment release form and leaving with unit consumer has 5 days to notify staff that alterations are needed).

By placing a custom order with Qlichēe you automatically agree to our terms and conditions Please see below link.

Terms and Conditions

All of our units are made on the spot and due to high demand we recommend you secure your spot as soon as possible.

For special event orders (birthday, holiday, baby shower, concert etc) there is a $75 deposit required to secure your spot which is applied to your unit balance

Prom orders must be placed at least 6 months before the date. After the deposit is made in the amount of $300, a spot will be secured and you will be assigned a designer. At this time we will provide you their direct email address to set up your virtual consultation to discuss your design and the full price of your unit.

Wedding Gown orders require a $500 deposit and must be placed at least 6 months in advance. The deposit is applied toward the unit and covers the in person and/or virtual consultation to discuss all details of the gown. 

Any Questions or Concerns Email:
Info@qlichee.com, a staff member will respond within 24-72hrs.

All clients are required to sign a contract and after the unit is complete a garment release form will require your signature as well.