Tour Dates to be Announced
Dates are selected based off orders received meaning the sooner you pay your deposit the sooner we will come to your city! Be mindful that we have been accepting orders for the upcoming prom 2018 since August 2017 so we will be announcing booked until further notice sooner rather than later. Do not wait for the last minute we really look forward to work in a city near you or at our home based location in Dallas TX. The deposit can be paid on the custom design tab it says Prom Dress Deposit which is 300 and Yes it is applied towards the total cost of the dress! We hope this is helpful and tell all your friends about us get your deposits in and we will come! Understand that when we are on tour the gowns are made on the spot so we need to know in advance what you would like so that we can bring all the material with us and make your dream gown on the spot! At that time is when the remaining balance is due because you will leave the day of with your gown! ~Qlichee

Los Angeles CA Jan 15-17

Dallas, TX Jan 18-20

New York, NY Jan 21-23

Dallas, TX Jan 24-25

Memphis, TN Jan 26-29

Dallas, TX Jan 29- Feb 3

Chicago, IL Feb 4-5

Dallas, TX Feb 6-8

Minneapolis, ND Feb 9-10

Dallas, TX Feb 11-12

Atlanta, GA Feb 14

Huntsville, AL Feb 15-20

Dallas, TX Feb 21-22

Windsor, Canada Feb 23

Detriot, MI Feb 24-26

Cancun, Mexico Feb 27 - Mar 2

Dallas, TX March 3-5 

Miami, FL March 6-7

New Orleans March 8-9

Dallas, TX March 10-13

Shreveport, LA March14-16

Atlanta, GA March 18-20

Dallas, TX March 22-23

Little Rock AR March 24-26

Dallas TX March 28-30

Memphis, TX April 1-3

Dallas, April 4-6

Philadelphia,PA April 9-11

Detroit,MI April 13-14

Chicago, IL April 16-18

I will be on Vacation on a Cruise and unavailable from May 26 - June 3 

Time slots 11am , 3pm, 7pm

The Morning Times on the days we fly in may not be available depending

on what times our flights land. 

We will let you know if that's the case if you pick that time .